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SA Breeders Thoroughbred Horses - Magic Million Sales SA

At SA Breeders, the SATB Committee Members are knowledgeable, strong, and dedicated professionals & volunteers helping SA Breeders with Thoroughbred Horses and Brood Mares in South Australia.

Our mission revolves around fostering excellence and innovation within the realm of Thoroughbred breeding in South Australia.

Through dedicated efforts and collaborative initiatives, we AIM to achieve the following:


Supporting Breeders in SA: We are fully committed to supporting breeders at every stage of their journey. This commitment entails providing valuable resources, sharing industry insights, and offering a platform for networking and knowledge exchange.

Promoting Your Success: We take immense pride in showcasing the accomplishments of our breeders on both local and national platforms. By spotlighting their achievements, we contribute to the growth and reputation of South Australia as a distinguished breeding hub.

Advocacy and Representation: As the recognized representatives of South Australian Thoroughbred Breeding Inc, we advocate for the interests of our breeders at governmental, regulatory, and industry levels. Our voice ensures that breeders’ concerns and needs are heard and addressed.

Breeding Education and Training: We are dedicated to enhancing the skills and knowledge of breeders through educational programs, workshops, and seminars. By empowering breeders with the latest practices and insights, we contribute to the continuous improvement of breeding practices.

Sustainable Industry Growth: Our focus extends to fostering a sustainable breeding industry in South Australia. We collaborate with stakeholders to implement practices that prioritize animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and the long-term viability of the industry.

Social & Community Building: We believe in the power of a united community. Through various events, forums, and gatherings, we create opportunities for breeders to connect, share experiences, and build lasting relationships that enrich the breeding landscape.

Industry Advancement & Futures: By staying abreast of industry trends, advancements, and regulatory changes, we proactively contribute to the progression of Thoroughbred breeding in South Australia. Our aim is to ensure that our breeders remain at the forefront of innovation and excellence.

Join us in our mission to elevate South Australia’s Thoroughbred breeding industry to new heights. Become a part of our community and contribute to a legacy of success, growth, and sustainability.


Interested in meeting the SATB Committee Members? 

SA Breeders - President - Ralph Satchel

Ralph Satchell


Ralph and Linda Satchell established Willow Grove Stud located in the Adelaide Hills at Woodside in 1979. They have bred and sold approximately 300 individual winners of over 1000 races including over 30 Stakes Winners at the Adelaide Yearling Sales. Having stood Stallions up until 2020, Willow Grove Stud now operates as a Broodmare Farm, breeding 12 to 15 foals a year, spelling Racehorses for a number of SA’s leading Trainers and racing many horses in partnerships. Also a Director on the board of Thoroughbred Breeders Australia

Committee Member photo

John Sinclair


John Sinclair is the Treasurer of the SA Breeders

Committee Member photo

Ben Leverink

Committee Member

Ben Leverink is a committee member of SA Breeders .

SA Breeders Comittee - Christopher Watson (Owner of Mill Park South Australia)

Chris Watson

Vice President

Chris Watson is a Vice President of the SA Breeders

Committee Member photo

Paul Crawford

Committee Member

Paul Crawford is a Committee Member of the SA Breeders

SA Breeders Committee Member photo

Georgie McIntyre


Georgie McIntyre is an Executive of the SA Breeders

SA Breeders Comittee - Ross Hatton Vice President

Ross Hatton

Vice President

Ross Hatton is a Vice President of the SA Breeders

Committee Member photo

Sandra Hale

Committee Member

Sandra Hale is a successful breeder operating under the banner of Birubi Stud – a boutique stud in the Adelaide Hills. She is a hands-on breeder and has years of experience to her credit, including those accumulated through her association with Arabian horses. Sandra, along with her husband Malcolm, started breeding thoroughbreds in 1990 and ever since has offered a small but select group of yearlings at the local Magic Millions Adelaide Yearling Sale. Sandra and Malcolm provided the second highest priced yearling at the sale in 2003. Last season the stud’s graduate Perficio was the SABIS 2YO of the Year. Sandra spent 18 years as a committee member of the SA branch of the Arabian Horse Society of Australia. “I believe my experience in the horse industry enables me to contribute to the South Australian Thoroughbred Breeders committee especially representing the smaller breeder and promoting the SA industry.”

Sandy Andreopoulos - Web Manager profile  image South Australian Thoroughbred Breeders Inc

Sandy Andreopoulos

Website Manager

South Australian Thoroughbred Breeders Website Designed by Sandy Andreopoulos - Website in a Wink. Feel free to Contact me with any updated information. Joined: 2022

SA Breeders Comittee - Harry Perks. Also known from Perks Business Accountants Adelaide South Australia.

Harry Perks

Committee Member

Harry Perks is a Committee Member of the SA Breeders Harry has had continuous involvement in the horse racing and breeding industry of South Australia for in excess of four decades. Toorak Park Stud operated near Macclesfield in 1981 – 1991 and stood stallions Always Welcome and Don’t Say Halo. With the sale of the property in the Adelaide Hills all mares were relocated to Mill Park Stud. Harry has been involved in breeding horses that have won a total of 122 stakes races and raced the winners of 87 stakes races. In 2018 Harry was inducted into the South Australian Racing Hall of Fame as an Associate.

Committee Member photo

Dr Terry Hodgson

Committee Member

Dr Terry Hodgson is a Committee Member of the SA Breeders Joined: 2017

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia Team - TBA
Thoroughbred Breeders Australia logo

Joining your State Breeders Association under the Banner of the 

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia

Assocation is your gateway to a wealth of knowledge and opportunities within the Thoroughbred breeding industry.

The Thoroughbred Breeders Australia (TBA), a unified national body dedicated to advancing our beloved Thoroughbred industry. 


A Mission to promote, advance, and coordinate thoroughbred breeding within their respective regions, State Breeders Associations offer a plethora of membership benefits.

Membership in your State Breeders Association (SA Breeders) is indispensable for anyone with a genuine interest in Thoroughbred Breeding.  Offering unparalleled access to industry updates and networking opportunities.


Beyond tangible benefits like books and newsletters, joining your association means joining a community of over 4,200 like-minded individuals across Australia, all united in their passion for supporting and nurturing the Thoroughbred Breeding industry.


Join with SA Breeders, where learning meets opportunity, and together, let's shape the future of our industry.


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